This is quite a common view of students completed tasks, but why is the highest score not at the top?


HegartyMaths does this on purpose!

We often hear students complaining that this is unfair because it should show their best score, but our counter-argument is that the point of learning these skills is that they know them each time they return to them too. It's not enough to get them right just once, they have to consistently get them right. 


For example, a student who works hard in Yr 7 but then coasts for the next 4 may forget skills and could even get lower marks in subsequent years.

Very different marks over a short period of time may indicate that the student doesn't really know the material.

The best way for your student to get consistently high marks is to "watch, note, work & mark": watch the video, make notes during it, work out the answers & then mark them. It's hard work to do it properly, but it does get results.

With HegartyMaths, you are able to set repeat homework, even of material students covered years ago. Each time you do this, students see a brand new task in their list.