Our videos are either self-hosted or hosted on YouTube. We self-host by default, but upon request, we can switch your school to use YouTube.

You may have to whitelist the URL videos.hegartymaths.com/* to ensure the videos are not blocked by the school's firewall. If the school does want the videos hosted on Youtube please let us know. One of the related articles at the bottom explains more about why you may be interested in making this switch

What's on the site?

If you look at a typical skill page sources under the developer mode, you might see something like this:



What are all these sources?

A quick list explaining what some of our sources are, to give a better understanding of what's going on under the hood:

  • hegartymaths.com - well, that's us!
  • *nr* or *newrelic* - nr stands for NewRelic, which we use for analysing things like uptime, response time, server issues, errors - it's vital for the smooth running of the site
  • We also use *google-analytics* to track sessions
  • *usemessages*,*webpack*, *groovehq* - these are part of customer service set up - if you have a teacher account, this is used in the blue "help" button in the bottom right corner of the site
  • *fonts* - we use fonts from google and fontawesome. Our main "English" font is Roboto and we use fontawesome for icons
  • We also use CloudFlare to protect the site and BugSnag for reporting exceptions
  • *hs* or *Hubspot* - HubSpot is our business analytics service

Smoothwall users

This article may be of use to you: https://kb.smoothwall.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002033410-Allowing-Embedded-Vimeo-Videos


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