Our videos are hosted on Vimeo and YouTube. We serve from Vimeo by default, but upon request, we can switch your school to use YouTube.

If your IT policy is to deny access to Vimeo, and changing the policy is not an option, you will need to whitelist each of our videos. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a single URL to whitelist all of them in one go due to the way Vimeo serves embedded links. Here is our whitelist (Excel).

There are many different e-security packages on the market and it is up to the school, trust or county council to choose the best one for them. Different packages have different implementations and whilst HegartyMaths will endeavour to help as best we can, unfortunately, we're not familiar with all the blocking technologies used in schools. We are unable to host the 925+ videos on our own servers as it would be prohibitively expensive, so it is necessary to use a hosting service like Vimeo or YouTube & work within their constraints.

What's on the site?

If you look at a typical skill page sources under the developer mode, you might see something like this:



What are all these sources?

A quick list explaining what some of our sources are, to give a better understanding of what's going on under the hood:

  • hegartymaths.com - well, that's us!
  • *nr* or *newrelic* - nr stands for NewRelic, which we use for analysing things like uptime, response time, server issues, errors - it's vital for the smooth running of the site
  • We also use *google-analytics* to track sessions
  • *usemessages*,*webpack*, *groovehq* - these are part of customer service set up - if you have a teacher account, this is used in the blue "help" button in the bottom right corner of the site
  • *fonts* - we use fonts from google and fontawesome. Our main "English" font is Roboto and we use fontawesome for icons
  • We also use CloudFlare to protect the site and BugSnag for reporting exceptions
  • *hs* or *Hubspot* - HubSpot is our business analytics service
The number displayed is the Vimeo video. Expanded, it looks something like this

The video in this particular case (skill 123) is


Our whitelist contains the entire list of unique ids to whitelist. Each will be of the form


We also list this link with additional options


and the thumbnail image for the video


These URLs do NOT play outside of HegartyMaths, they are embedded links only.


The player is frequently updated by Vimeo. Right now (April 2020) it's 



You may wish to whitelist https://f.vimeocdn.com/p/* instead as Vimeo update the player quite frequently.


Vimeo use vimeocdn.com for their content distribution network, and these in turn use skyfire and akamaized. These may or may not be required depending on your whitelisting technology. These, and all external links, are outside our control and may be subject to change.



Our essential links section of our whitelist also lists



Again, these may or may not be necessary depending on your whitelist technology and existing links. You may find other links that need to be whitelisted too, the above are the main ones we know about.


SmoothWall has an article about allowing embedded Vimeo videos here: https://kb.smoothwall.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002033410-Allowing-Embedded-Vimeo-Videos






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