Read on to find out more about markbooks, or scroll down to find watch our video blog about markbooks and homework reports.


A markbook is a collection of all of the students' scores for all tasks across Hegartymaths. You can choose which classes, and which time period you want to see. You may use it to find out what your classes are struggling with (are all the algebra marks lower than shape?) or to see if a particular task caused your class difficulty. You can also see if students are missing marks that need catching up on, and see how have been engaging with HegartyMaths (skills, FixUp 5 and Memri).


How do I generate a markbook?

To generate a markbook, go to Progress --> Generate markbook. Select the classes and dates you want.

NB if you only want to see tasks that you have set as homework, you should see our homework report, there is an article on this in the related articles below.



What does each of the headings mean in a markbook?

The headings in a markbook are as follows:

Name First and Last name of the student.

Classroom The class' this student is in.

Skill/Memri/Fix Up 5 questions answered How many questions a student has answered in a skills quiz, Memri quiz, or Fix Up 5 quiz.

Skill/Memri/Fix Up 5 questions answered correctly How many questions a student has answered correctly in a skills quiz, Memri quiz, or Fix Up 5 quiz.

Total Questions answered  Sum of questions answered in skills, Memri, and FixUp 5 quizzes.

Total Questions answered correctly Sum of questions answered correctly in skills, Memri, and FixUp 5 quizzes.

Time spent doing skills Time spent watching videos and Time spent doing skills quizzes.

Time spent doing Memri/Fix Up 5 Time spent doing Memri/Fix Up 5 quizzes.

Total Hours Learning Sum of Time spent doing skills, Memri, and Fix Up 5 (including watching the video).


After this, you will see a list of all 925 skills available on HegartyMaths, and the most recent score, if any, for each student.


This video blog explains the difference between markbooks and homework reports:



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