What is a Homework Report?

On the day your homework is due, you may want an overview of the scores all of your students in different classes got on their homework for that week, along with information on who has not completed their homework.

NB only tasks with their due date within the time period selected will appear.


How do I generate a Homework Report?

Generate Homework Report by clicking on Progress --> Generate Markbook

Select the classes and date range you are interested in, and then from the drop-down box select 'Homework Report':

Remember, when you chose your date range you can only choose up to today's date as you are looking back at past Homeworks. 




The report will then be emailed to you.

What does each of the headings mean in a Homework Report?

The report will look like this:


Student is the name of the student

Year Group is the year group they are in

Classroom is the class the student is part of that got set the tasks in the following columns.

In this example, Class '8 Maths 1' we set skills 43, 44 and 568 to be due within the date range selected.

You can see their results, plus you can see one student, Sophie Rose, who has not completed the third task, indicated by an 'X'. Alex Marshall was not set any of these tasks (perhaps he was off sick), hence the blank cells