At HegartyMaths we want to promote independent learning for all students. Because of this, all students can access any of our 925 skills at any time via the 'choose a lesson' function, via the 'building blocks' or through searching.


Because of this, it is possible for a student to complete a task before you set it. This will result in a score being present in your markbook. However, unless the student repeats the task within the date range you have chosen, the task will appear as incomplete on your mark page. We feel that it is important that students complete work on their teachers time frame, even if this is a repeated task. This is because HegartyMaths is designed to supplement and monitor a student's current knowledge and not knowledge that the previously acquired and have forgotten over time. 


Across the entire platform, we collect all data from every attempt at every task that a student tries. Despite this, the figure that is displayed on markbooks, other reports and as the main attempt on the mark work page is the student's most recent score. We do this to enable you to easily see the most up to date records of the student's knowledge.

When you set students a task on HegartyMaths, you need to select a due date/time and a set date/time. The dates must be in the present or future and the due date/time must be after the set date/time.

Once you have set dates for a task you can edit these via the 'mark work' page. The screenshot below shows a task that one student has already completed within the initial time frame.

If the start time of the task is edited to a time after the student has completed it, there score is not shown initially. However, you can see in the completion summary that one student has still completed it, and that the student shown has 1 previous attempt.

Clicking on the drop-down triangle of this student will allow you to see their attempt.