First, let us assure you it is not possible for work done to be lost. The way HegartyMaths works, previous answers must be recorded in the database before the next question can even be shown. It is not even possible to start a task without leaving a record, and every answer is recorded. If an assessment is interrupted or abandoned partway through, the state of the assessment up to that point is still saved. 

Example Timeline

1. A student sees some tasks in his/her list

2. The student completes one of the tasks to 100% (skill 372). It is removed from the list. They complete another (560), but does not get 100%. This task will stay in their task list until the due date to give them the chance to improve on their score if they wish.

3. The student then starts task 373. They do half of the questions, they are then called down to dinner so abandon the assessment. They leave it in this state:

4. When they log back into HegartyMaths, their task list has a blue 'continue task' button next to skill 373.

5. The student continues the assessment from the point they left off (Question 3). You may notice that the question has changed. This is a measure to prevent spoofing answers.

6. The student completes the quiz. In the end, they got 1 question wrong. They should then click on 'Get score' to record their overall mark for the task.

7. Their task list now looks like this:

8. The student can start the last task or redo ones they haven't received full marks for at any point up until the due date. If they do not do a task at all, it will remain in their task list as a "late" task until they attempt it. Late tasks have a red "L" next to them:




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