HegartyMaths homework consists of two parts: Written notes on the quiz, and an online quiz which the pupils also write down, and self mark in their books. This article explains what you should see in your pupils' books. To see what the online task should look like, see the related article below.

What makes good written homework?

Good HegartyMaths homework is always backed up with the student's written work. Video notes, questions, workings-out, and marking are all shown in their book. This serves a number of purposes:

    1. Students get "hands-on" practise - learning by doing, rather than just learning by observing
    2. Students get used to showing their workings-out which will be vital in exams
    3. Students have quality notes they can refer back to when they are revising
    4. Students can prove to you they have done the work requested
    The following images show an example of great HegartyMaths written work. This student has good video notes, complete questions, and workings (3 shown) and has also marked the homework. The homework also looks interesting and inviting with the use of diagrams and colour. It will be really easy for this student to revise these notes.

We highly recommend teachers quickly examine students' written work on the day it is due - e.g. by having students have the homework book open on the desk while they do a starter. The teacher can glance over it, picking up on the students where an issue has been indicated by the online marking in HegartyMaths. Many teachers print out the marking synopsis from the mark work page to aid with this quick homework check.