HegartyMaths homework consists of two parts: Written notes on the quiz, and an online quiz which the pupils also write down, and self mark in their books. This article explains what you should see online, in the 'Mark work' section.


To see what the written task should look like, check out the related article below.

Navigate to the mark work section and find the task you want to mark. Use the filters on the right-hand side to help:



To see individual assessments in more detail, from the marking synopsis, click on mark work. This will open up a new tab where you can cycle through the students' latest attempts.

Polly has done some excellent homework, even though she didn't "get a green". She has watched the video completely through plus a bit extra; she has commented on the last question & she has spent 26 minutes on the assessment with at least 2 minutes on most questions - this seems like enough time to be writing down the answers and do the workings out. The amount of time for each question will be very small if no workings out are being written (e.g. in easy independent work), or very long if a student has struggled (or had a tea break!). Question 4 seemed to take Polly over 5 minutes - perhaps it was a little tricky for her, but she managed to get it right in the end. Overall, you can see Polly has put in a decent effort; her written work will probably be very good.

Luke has submitted an assessment, but you can quickly see he hasn't bothered to work on it at all. He skipped the majority of questions, spending no time on them and he didn't watch the video. Luke's written work will likely be non-existent. He did go to the effort of logging in and starting the homework but then got put off for some reason - he should be encouraged to watch the video in the first instance or if he still doesn't understand it, to try the building blocks.

Neville never finished his work. He got two questions right and then it looks like he just abandoned the homework. You can see what time he started it and you can see his progress so far, but this is an unfinished piece of work and won't count towards Neville's statistics until it's complete. Neville should be encouraged to finish this work. It's possible he has workings out, but he didn't take very long to do these questions, so I wouldn't count on it.

Lastly, Annie didn't even start the task. Perhaps she had a football match the day you set it, or she doesn't have a home computer or she forgot her password. If she had a week to do it then she should have been able to get access via a school machine in plenty of time. In any event, it probably needs a discussion with her. You could reassign the task to her for later completion.

Once you have finished cycling through the students using the Next/Previous students buttons, close the tab to go back to the mark work view.