HegartyMaths can serve video content from either our own servers or YouTube, depending on the choice of the school's IT and Maths departments.


If your school's videos are self-hosted by us, then the videos will be displayed as follows on a mobile:


These videos do not display other (possibly unrelated) videos at the end. Video quality and playback speed can be adjusted via the settings (see cog icon).



This is what videos viewed on a mobile will look like for HegartyMaths schools using YouTube




At the end of the video, YouTube will display a "recommended next video" which may not be a HegartyMaths video at all. If the user selects the new video, it will open in a new YouTube browser tab or in the YouTube app. Video watch time will NOT include any time watching videos on the YouTube app or site, even if it is a HegartyMaths video.

Both options have the ability to enable subtitles.