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Here we set out some guidelines for setting and checking students' work to ensure they are getting the best from HegartyMaths.

Once your students are used to this way of working, setting and marking homework will become swift and easy for you. 


We would expect that a single skill, done well, would take a student 30-45 minutes: 10 minutes for the video, 10-15 mins for the assessment and 10-20 mins to make good, quality notes. Choose tasks that revise previous learning.

How many

In our experience, setting 1-2 tasks per week and expecting high-quality effort is much more effective in improving learners' independence than overwhelming students with many tasks. 

Measuring success

Insist on written notes and that students mark their own work. If you can have a dedicated HegartyMaths book, so much the better. Check online for completion and effort. Once a week, for example, during a starter, visually inspect books to check written work exists and is of sufficient quality. This is not a marking exercise for you, the students should have done this already. Some schools choose to give their students separate 'HegartyMaths' books to do their notes in.

Set High Expectations

  1. Set tasks at least a week in advance so everyone has a chance to do the work, including students who need to use the school computers
  2. Have the task come due far enough in advance of the inspection class that you will be able to check the work beforehand. e.g. have the due time be 10 pm two nights before the class so you can check it the evening before.
  3. Teach your students how to lay out the work: in their HegartyMaths books, they should write down notes and examples from the video, every question they attempt, show their workings out and mark their own work with answers highlighted in green for correct and pink for incorrect
  4. Students should have their written work open during class so you can quickly & easily see that they have completed the homework

Before Class, Check the Site

Know who has put in the effort and needs praise, and who needs a reminder to get the homework done before you get to class. Check the website and follow our guide on how to mark student's online homework: