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What is a QLA?

A QLA (Question Level Analysis) is an excel document where you input question by question scores of an assessment to achieve an overall analysis of a student or class's performance.

Our QLAs work with past GCSE exam papers. We have past exam papers from Edexcel, AQA, OCR and Wjec Cbac.

Simply ask your students to sit one of the papers, and then fill in the results on the spreadsheet. An individualised report will then be generated for each student telling them what they did well on and what they need to improve. We even tell them which HegartyMaths video to watch!


What does it look like?

The spreadsheet where you type the results looks like this:


This QLA is for 'November 2019 Paper 1F. The teacher has inputted the scores for question pupil by pupil.

Clicking on the 'Student Report' tab in the bottom left takes you to an individualised report for each pupil.

This can be printed for each student in a user-friendly view, telling each pupil the HegartyMaths clip they need to watch to make progress! 


Where are these amazing QLAs?

Find all the QLAs in the 'Useful Resources' section: