Watch this video or read on below to find out about MemRi points:


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You will see your all-time MemRi points total on your MemRi dashboard

As you work through MemRi you will face the questions four separate times and the questions will level up in difficulty.

There are four levels of question.

Level 1: You get two goes to answer this question. If you get it wrong on your first attempt, you will get a chance to review the video. This level of question is worth 3 points


Level 2: You only get one attempt, and no help. This question is worth 7 points


Level 3: The question format has changed to multiple choice. You only get one chance to pick the right answer. If you get it right now, it is worth 10 points


Level 4: Although it looks just like a level 2 question, you will be shown a brand new question with the same difficulty and using the same skills. If you get this one right, you will earn 40 points! But you will only get one of these questions per quiz. 


Your quiz points are added to your total at the end of the quiz. Points are calculated for the week you earned them, so if you start a MemRi quiz in week 1 and finish it in week 2 the points would be split over the two weeks. You can score a maximum of 100 points per quiz. 

You will also see your weekly rank in your class on your MemRi dashboard

You can earn more points by completing more MemRi quizzes.  Bear in mind however that you can only earn one MemRi stamp per day and the best way to "hard-code" your maths skills is to do a little and often.