MemRi quizzes are intended to become a habitual task. Students should get used to doing a MemRi quiz frequently (little and often is the key). Watch this video or read on below to find out more:


For YouTube click here


You can set their weekly goal from the "Set MemRi" page

Choose the class and click on the round cog icon  in the top right corner of the class widget.


Now you can set the goal for next week.


You can't set the goal for the current week because it's already underway! You can change the goal for next week as many times as you like until Sunday at midnight.

The new MemRi goal will roll over to subsequent weeks until you change it again.

You will see a message to confirm the change. If you choose 0, there will be no goal next week (and the Monday summary emails will be turned off). A goal of 1 means students should do one MemRi quiz some day next week.

A goal of three means students should complete a MemRi quiz on three different days next week. Note this is not the same thing as doing three quizzes on Sunday! 

Pick an achievable goal to start, and then ramp things up if your class is coping well. Revising a little bit, frequently, will really help your students with their retrieval.