Please watch the video to find out more about custom classes, or read the article below.

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This description of Custom classes only applies to schools which sync with their MIS to update student accounts and class lists. You will see a "Sync with MIS" button in the top left of the Manage->Manage students/classes page in this case.

Custom classes are "views" on a set of students which is not linked to your MIS. Custom classes are made in HegartyMaths using the Create custom class button.

Classes that are linked to your MIS look like the black ones below. They have "X"s in the "Add students to the class" and "Archive class" columns because this functionality is not available to them. Linked classes can only be modified by making the changes in your MIS and then syncing HegartyMaths with your MIS.



Custom classes can be created, added to, renamed, transferred between and archived. Many schools use them for intervention work, or for teachers to keep a close eye on a selection of pupils such as high achievers. Custom classes look like the blue class in the image below. Since they are not linked to your MIS, a sync with MIS will not update or delete them.


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