The HegartyMaths videos are hosted in both Vimeo and YouTube. Schools are initially set up to use Vimeo, but your school may choose to switch to YouTube.

If you switch to YouTube, please note this setting is changed for the entire school, and cannot be made for just a few students.

Considerations when switching to YouTube:

  • Ads may be displayed at the bottom of the video
  • Unrelated video links may be listed at the end of the video
  • One of the YouTube links at the bottom of the video is a link to take the student off of HegartyMaths to view the video on the YouTube site. We are unable to record the time spent watching a video on other sites.
  • Subtitles in other languages are available to support your EAL learners. Vimeo only has subtitles in English.


If you wish to switch to YouTube, please let us know, confirming that both the Maths and IT departments are aware of the proposed change. IT may need to whitelist or allow YouTube to ensure students can view the videos on the school network. 


YouTube video


Vimeo video