When you go to set work for a student, you will see their scores on tasks they have already completed, but you can set the same task for a student as many times as is necessary. We actively encourage resetting tasks for students over the course of their academic careers so that they master and retain skills.




If you or your student wish to review and compare previous attempts, you can do so by looking at their tasks pages. As a teacher, you can see a student's task page by clicking on their name from Progress->Linked classes or by clicking on their name from a task on the mark work page.




Tasks will be listed in order of completion date, but if they have a drop-down beside them, this will pop out the list of any previous attempts at that skill.



The number beside the score indicates how many times the student has attempted this task in the past. The most recent score is always the one on top.


If you reset a task a student has completed in the past, they will have to attempt it again. If they do not, they will get marked with a grey "Not attempted" score.



However, the history of the task is also visible here, which you can see in the dropdown.






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