Throughout HegartyMaths you may encounter some questions where you have to sort answers into a particular order. These questions have the options at the top, which you can move into its correct location below. The locations are always labelled numerically, increasing from 1, so be careful with how the question is worded.

Alternatively, some questions may ask you to match some options with some statements or diagrams. Again the options appear at the top, and these will need to be moved into the correct locations below.

For both of these questions, you will need to move the options into the correct place. You can do this either by dragging the option (if you are on a desktop or laptop device), or by clicking or tapping on the option and then on the location you want to put it. If you are using the drop and drop method, ensure you click and hold on the part of the option with the three horizontal lines. When you are satisfied with where you have placed the answers, click on 'check'. If you are incorrect, you still get a second attempt, however, beware that your selections are still in the same place.

To remove a selection, double click it or simply drag another option into its place.