A student can obtain a full set of notes without watching the video in two ways:

  1. A student could take the book and write the work of another student and copy this verbatim.
  2. A student can “scroll” through the video.   

This means that they move the video along to the point where Mr. Hegarty has all his written video notes on the screen and then they copy that screen mindlessly, scroll to the next section and do the same thing and hence get a full set of notes for the video.

The video timer will only record the time the video is actually being played, therefore, in both cases, the timer will show no video is watched but the student will have a full set of notes. The only way to stop this is by explaining the point of the homework and how, by using HegartyMaths properly, students will get great home learning in maths. Shortcuts lead to shortcomings.