This type of question will require you to type in two or more boxes.


This could mean that you need to write the numerical answer as well as the units.


Other times you will need to find answers to multiple parts of a question.


For questions that require two answers for the same thing, for example, two values for x, it does not matter which way round you input the answers.


Other questions may ask for values for two different things, for example, an and a y. With these questions, you need to take care to put the answers the correct way around.


In order to answer a multiple-input question, you must have an answer written in all boxes. If you do not, a pop up will appear telling you to write an answer in all boxes. 

This will not count as an attempt at the question, however, when you do have something written in all of the answer boxes it will. Just like with single-input questions, you will get two attempts at each question.