First of all, let's use the teacher's view of the student work done to check the tasks you are setting are getting put into their "to do" list.

Go to Progress->Linked classes and choose the class the student is in.


You will see the students in the class and an overview of how much they've covered in HegartyMaths.

Click on the student's name to bring up their work done so far.

The "View tasks" button in the top right of the work done pane will take you to the current view of their tasks.


Still not solved?

If the student still says they are not seeing the tasks set, let's check they're not logging in to the wrong account:

  1. Ask them for the exact name they're using to log in with
  2. Search those details using our search facility

It may be that the student has multiple accounts. Drop us a line at and we'll merge the accounts for you.