Please watch this video for a step by step guide on how to use the onscreen keypad, or see below for written instructions:

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To input a fraction into your answer you will need to press the fraction key shown below. 

This will bring up the structure of a fraction in your answer bar. Use the arrow keys to navigate from the numerator to the denominator.


Mixed Numbers

Mixed numbers have a whole number part and a fraction part. To access this you need to press the key shown below.

Again, use the arrow keys to navigate between the whole number part, the numerator and the denominator.



Square roots have their own key (see below), simply press the button and input the number you need to put within the square root sign. You can also put numbers before a square root where this is needed ion your answer; remember to use the arrow keys to navigate around the square root sign.

For roots of a higher order, e.g. cube roots, you will need to use the custom root key (see below) and input the order of the root you need. You can again use the arrow keys to navigate between the order of the root and the number within the root.



If you are inputting a squared or a cubed term, there are specific keys for this. Simply type in the number or variable (letter) you wish to square or cube, and then press the relevant key (see below). You can use the arrow keys to navigate into the base number if you need to edit it.

For powers of different orders, e.g. power of 4, there is a custom power key (see below). Again you can type in the number or variable you want to raise to a power, then press the circled key below, and finally, type in your desired power. Use the arrow keys to navigate around the power if you need to edit. Note, you can have other mathematical structures, such as, negatives, fractions, decimals, or even roots as a power. 


Standard Form

Standard form answers have two parts to them: a base number that is between 1 and 10, and a power that is always an integer (whole number). On the keyboard, we have a specific key for this (see below). To input a number in standard form, type in the base number, press the standard form key, and then type in your power. You can navigate this using the arrow keys to edit.


As well as this, we also have all the symbols, signs, numbers, and letters that you will need to answer any of the questions throughout HegartyMaths.



When using the HegartyMaths keyboard, choose the symbol directly.

Small Screen layout:


Large Screen layout