Does your school use a CSV file to upload new classes or can you sync with your MIS directly? (e.g. SIMs, Arbor, Bromcom...)

To find out which, go to Manage -> Manage students / classes



If you see these buttons in the top left corner, HegartyMaths syncs with your school's MIS to upload new classes. This is not automatic; please follow the instructions on this help page to sync your classes. 

Note: The first sync of the year must be performed by a teacher at the school to approve deleting the old class lists and bring in the new classes. Autosync won't make these decisions on your behalf. 

The date of the last sync by a member of staff in your school is also shown so you can see how old your class lists are.



If you see these buttons in the top left corner, your school uses a CSV file to upload new classes. Follow the instructions on this help page.

MIS - but the button is greyed out

If the "Sync with MIS" button is greyed out, then the Wonde/HegartyMaths link hasn't yet been established - HegartyMaths will complete this as soon as we get notice from Wonde that the link has been approved and initiated. Please get in touch if there seems to be an issue.