In data protection terms, your school is the Data Controller and HegartyMaths acts as the Data Processor. Essentially the school decides ‘why’ and ‘how’ personal information should be processed and HegartyMaths processes personal information on this instruction.

More information about how HegartyMaths processes personal information, including the Pupil Privacy Promise, can be found in the HegartyMaths Privacy Notice here.

Please also see the HegartyMaths Subscription Terms here, in particular, the Data Handling Agreement, (Section C) which provides detailed information on security, retention timeframes, and portability of personal information. These Terms are agreed to by all subscribing schools.


Security: student accounts

HegartyMaths takes the security of personal information seriously (see the ‘Data security’ section of the Data Handling Agreement for more information). Additionally, there are ways in which teachers can help students to keep their data protected too:

  • Remind your students regularly about the importance of account security.
  • Only the named student on the account should access HegartyMaths.
  • Passwords should not be stored on shared computers. 
  • Encourage students to log out of their accounts when they are finished. As a security measure, HegartyMaths will automatically log out of a student account after an hour of inactivity. 
  • Students will choose their own password after their first login. We would encourage them to have a minimum of 8 characters in their password as well as making it alphanumeric.

Student accounts can be reset by a teacher if necessary - for example, if the account has been accessed by another pupil. 

Security: teacher accounts

Teacher accounts on HegartyMaths allow teachers to access student accounts, and as such provides access to high volumes of personal information. 

There are steps you can take to keep the personal information you access via HegartyMaths, secure:

  • Your password will need to be a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters. Choose a password that is hard to guess (e.g. avoid using obvious passwords such as Password1)
  • Keep your password secure and do not share your HegartyMaths password with anyone. 
  • Create an account for each teacher that uses HegartyMaths rather than allow shared access to accounts.
  • Make sure that when teachers are added to HegartyMaths it is done so with their school email address rather than a personal email address.
  • Make sure the devices you use to access your account (including any personal devices) are password protected. If you use a shared device, ensure your HegartyMaths password is not automatically saved. 
  • Log out of your HegartyMaths account or lock your device screen when you are not using it or are leaving the device unattended. 
  • Keep the ‘Manage Teacher’ page up to date. When a teacher is no longer using Hegarty Maths be sure to remove their access and keep a regular eye on this page to ensure that only names that you would expect appear here. For further assistance with this please see the related article at the bottom of this page.

To protect personal information, HegartyMaths will always act with caution.

If we suspect a teacher account from your school has been compromised we will suspend access and inform the Data Protection Officer and the Primary Contact. Access can be reinstated if either of the above contacts requests this. 

If a teacher has contacted us via the HELP button or via and is using an email address not registered to their HegartyMaths account we will not be able to share any information relating to the school’s HegartyMaths account or the students or teachers within the school. 

If you have any further questions about personal information and HegartyMaths, please contact