There are a number of ways a task can be removed from a student’s to-do list of My Tasks:

  1. A student gets 100% in the task that a teacher has set.  Upon getting 100% the task will disappear from their to-do list.
  2. A student attempts and completes the quiz and gets a score and then the due date elapses.  The system then takes the last score and shows it and takes the task away from the pupil. (Even if the score is 0%*)
  3. The teacher removes the student from the task.
  4. The teacher signs off the task (regardless of what score the student gets, or if they even attempted it).
  5. The class is archived, e.g. during an academic year-end transition
  6. The teacher who set the task leaves the school and her account is deleted

The reason the task stays in the student’s My Tasks when they get say, 80%, is that we always want to give students the opportunity to improve on their homework before the teacher looks at it.

Students are NOT forced to redo tasks when they do not get 100% - it is optional.   However, we believe in giving students the opportunity to improve and not to just accept the first score they happen to get.



* We can't differentiate between a student who gets 0% because they don't try hard enough and a student who spends ages on the skill and writes good notes, but still only scores zero. In this case, it is up to the teacher to judge whether sufficient effort has been made and if needs be, to set easier work.