When a student logs in, if they have any tasks to do, they will see a red number next to the "My tasks" button in their navigation bar. Watch this video, or read on below to find out more:


For YouTube, click here



If they click on this, they will be taken to their tasks page:


Tasks will be shown in the "next due" order, i.e. with the tasks that are due earliest first. If students have been set a lot of work, this list can quickly look overwhelming, so try and only set a small number of tasks at a time.  


We would expect that a single task, done well, should take a student around 30-45 minutes: 10 minutes for the video, 10-15 mins for the assessment itself, and 10-20 mins to make good, quality notes.


A red "L" next to a task indicates it is late. Students can see any instructions associated with the task by passing the pointer over the blue "i".  




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