To open the MemRi, go to Set work -> Set MemRi

If your class has never had a goal, it will look like this:

MemRi works best for your students when they have about 10 Skills under their belts. HegartyMaths will automatically detect and set a goal of 1 when your class reaches this stage in their learning.

If you don't want HegartyMaths to automatically set a goal, you can set the goal to 0.

Setting to 0 will also turn off MemRi if it has already been set.

If your class has had a goal previously, it will have a cog icon (for settings) and an expander icon (for class synopsis) in the top bar.

Clicking on the cog icon will allow you to change the goal for next week

And clicking on the expander will show you your class' efforts on MemRi. You can navigate back through previous weeks to see past efforts.