Setting differentiated homework within a topic is really easy on HegartyMaths, watch the video, or read the article below to find out how to do it.

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For example, students in my "Example" Class were learning about angle facts last term, so now it's time to revise. I remember Ann was very good at this topic, so I want to stretch her a little. Antony was out ill at the time, so I want to start him off from the beginning. My other students fell in between, but Nev was almost up there with Ann.

From "Set Work" I chose the Geometry and measure strand and then the Angle facts topic. I selected skills based on my students' skill and experience levels as below and set the work by clicking on "Confirm & set work".

If I now go to "Mark work" and select "Current" tasks for the "Example class", I see that the following tasks have been added to the task list:

Thus I've set my class a highly personalised, differentiated homework in just a few clicks.





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