This style of question requires students to choose one correct answer from a selection and will automatically check the answer without any prompting from the student.


If only two options are given, the student will only have one attempt to answer, as two attempts would guarantee they get the answer correct by trial and error.

For example:


If more than two options are given, the student will have two attempts to answer.

For Example:


For more information on how these questions are answered, see the article linked at the bottom of this page.

When reviewing this style of question you will see the following:


The letter of the box containing the correct answer will be given instead of the correct answer itself.

**Please note that when giving feedback, it is important to refer to the correct answer, not the letter of the correct answer. When the student looks at your comment, they are seeing a new randomisation of the answers. This means all the answers, including the correct answer, will have a new letter.

For this type of question, you will not see the option to ‘accept’ an answer. This is because students are choosing from answers offered to them, and choosing the incorrect answer is an indication of a lack of understanding.