This style of question requires students to choose one or more correct answers from a selection. Students must click the ‘Check’ button when they are ready to submit their answer.

It is up to the student to read the question carefully to determine if more than one answer is required. For example, if the question says 'Select all answers that ...' or 'Which of the following...', this indicates that there may be more than one answer and students should select all relevant answers. To find out how students answer this type of question, see the article linked at the bottom of this page.

Pupils get two attempts at these types of questions.



When reviewing a question like this, you will see the following:

You will either see a single letter or multiple letters in the red area. These letters represent the box or boxes containing the correct answer.

**Please note that when giving feedback, it is important to refer to the correct answers, not the letters of the correct answer. When the student looks at your comment, they are seeing a new randomisation of the answers. This means all answers, including the correct answer(s), will have a new letter. 

For this type of question, you will not see the option to ‘accept’ an answer.