Taking an overview of a student's progress can be really useful, especially at the beginning of a school year or if a new student moves into your class. You can get a feel for what kind of student they are before you even meet them. Watch this video or read on below to find out more:


For YouTube, click here


Class progress page

Link yourself to the class, then go to Progress -> Linked classes and choose the class you are interested in reviewing.

From this page, you can see the last time each pupil logged in, how often they log in and lots of other useful information about how they have been working on HegartyMaths. Also shown is an indicator of how much of the site the student has completed. Shakuntala above has been doing well given she's only in year 8 - the Number strand is the biggest one on HegartyMaths and she's completed 69% of the Skills there. You can click on the name of each strand to view topic completion, and break it down by topic to see what scores the class has achieved on the Skills.

Overview at Topic level

Here's another example, this time reviewing how this class has fared on the "Arithmetic with positive integers" topic in the Number strand. You can see this class has only scratched the surface in this topic. The blue triangles indicate these Skills have been set as tasks. 

View an individual student's work

If you click on a student's name, this will take you to a page showing all the work this student has completed.

The navigation bar at the top allows you to cycle through all the students in the class.

You can see that Annie's most recent completed Skill was "5 - Simple division & its meaning". Also shown is the number of attempts, how much of the video she watched, how long it took her, whether there are any comments of feedback on the assessment and the completion time. Annie only competed a few skills in 2019-20. Perhaps work wasn't set in HegartyMaths very often, or else she doesn't use it as much as she should. We recommend setting 1-2 Skills as homework each week.

Clicking on each task will bring it up so you can review her answers. If you need to leave a comment on the attempt, or feedback on any question, you can do it here. You can also reassign the task or a building block if you feel the student needs to do additional work.