Please note, this method of deletion cannot be undone. It is intended for rare safeguarding events.

For the vast majority of students, it is preferable to allow their accounts to elapse naturally. Accounts will automatically be deleted after a more than a year of inactivity. This length of time allows schools to refer back to the usage of previous cohorts and compare with the activity of current students.

Your IT team can manage access control from the Wonde app. On the Access Control panel, students can be added to the "Exclude certain users and allow access to all others" list.



Students on the exclusion list will have no HegartyMaths accounts created for them. If students on the exclusion list previously had HegartyMaths accounts, they will be destroyed on the next sync.

To complete the deletion, HegartyMaths will need to sync with Wonde. You can complete a sync by following the guidelines on the related article for this page or if auto-sync is on for your school, this will be carried out overnight.