The mark work will let you see any task that has been set in your school. You can, of course, see your own tasks, but did you know you can see tasks set by any teacher or for any class? Watch this video or read on below to find out more:


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To open the mark work page, simply click it on your menu bar. The page view defaults to "Passed due date" tasks set by you for any of your classes.


The filters on the right-hand-side (if you're using a desktop) or in the drop-down list at the top (if you're using a small screen device) will allow you to search within the tasks. The filters can be combined, so that you will be able to do things like search for all current tasks set for year 11 by any teacher, or all passed due tasks set by a colleague in September.

The first filter is the date filter. Choose whether you wish to search for tasks by the set at or due by date. Choose the dates to search between, e.g. the 1st to the 31st October. Please note this filter will also search between the times specified, so the dates shown in the image would actually miss any tasks due on October 31st after 09:33.

The status filter allows you to pick tasks that have passed their due date (i.e. ready for marking), current tasks (tasks students should be undertaking at present), and signed off tasks. Signed off tasks are those that you as a teacher consider to be completed - i.e. there is no outstanding work. If a task is signed off, it is removed from student task lists, so if they haven't completed it, this is the equivalent of excusing them from the task.

The teachers filter lists all the teachers in your school. You can select one or more teachers to view their tasks. You will find your own name is selected by default when you first visit the mark work page. 

Your classes are, unsurprisingly, a list of your own classes. This filter is linked to the classes filter, so that if you select a class that is in both lists, both appear selected.

The Classes filter lists all the classes in your school. Find and select each of the classes in a year group to see the entire year group's tasks. Clicking reset will clear your selections in both the classes and your classes filters.







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