Please note, if you have "Sync with MIS" on the Manage->Manage students/classes page, then you can manage your student account details through your MIS, and do not need to make CSVs


Small Number of Changes

The video below explains how to make a set change using our 'transfer students' feature.

For YouTube Click Here

Large Number of Changes

If you need to do some mass changes then the best way is to use the CSV upload tool. The knowledge base has a number of articles on the topic and we recommend following one that applies to your specific case. See the related articles below for more details.


If none of these articles apply to you, then the instructions below describe the general usage of the CSV upload tool. Once you have uploaded your CSV, you can simply follow the instructions onscreen.

1. Prepare a CSV with the students in the new classes. It is vital that the students' names, DoB, and Gender are the same as they were when they were first uploaded. Please use this CSV template.

2. Manage => Manage students/classes => Archive all classes where the changes have occurred (e.g all year 7 groups).



3. Click Upload CSV.



4. Click on the circle to pick your CSV and follow the onscreen instructions.



(Please note that tasks that were set to the archived groups may need to be re-set but no student data will be removed).