The best way to make sure students get the most out of HegartyMaths is to demonstrate all of our features to them. But how can a teacher do this without logging in as a student? This article explains how to replicate a student view when logged in as a teacher.


There are two main ways to demonstrate:

- Using the student view to show students how to use HegartyMaths independently

- Using the quiz preview to demonstrate how to complete a HegartyMaths homework


Using the student view

Have you ever tried this little button next to your name in the top right-hand corner of the site? It gives you access to four of our student features. 


1. Choose lesson

Use this to demonstrate how students can lead their own learning by choosing a lesson from various topics and strands of mathematics. They can see previous scores, helping them to decide where to focus their efforts.



2. FixUp 5

This is where students can come to fix mistakes they made in their homework


3. My stats

This shows students their stats for the year. Remember the graph is interactive and students can click on different sections to review work from the different coloured areas of the graph.


4. My scores

Here students will find a chronological list of skills homework they have completed.


Using the quiz preview

You can also complete a quiz in the same way as a student can, by clicking on the title of a skills homework on the preview page:


This will change the view to exactly how a student sees a skills homework, so you can complete one together as a class. Remember to point out the building blocks, get help video, onscreen keypad and how to write to the teacher when you are stuck!