Please note, if you have "Sync with MIS" on the Manage->Manage students/classes page, then you can manage your student account details through your MIS, and do not need to make CSVs


It is possible to add classes during the school year if necessary. If you only need to add one class or a few small classes, please see section (A). Otherwise please see section (B).


(A) For a Small Number of Classes

This process can be done at any point before or during the school year to add a new class. Repeat the steps as necessary if you have more than one class to add.

1. Click on Manage => Manage students/classes => Create single class/Create custom class

2. Enter a name for the class and click OK.

3. Once confirmed, the next page you can add students to this class by either adding an existing student or creating a new student.

(B) For a Large Number of Classes

When dealing with large classes or a large number of classes, it is best to use the CSV upload tool.

This process can be done at any point before or during the school year to add new classes, however, you cannot do this if your school has "SYNC with MIS".


1. Prepare a CSV with the students in the new classes. It is recommended to use this CSV template.

2. Click Manage => Manage students/classes => Upload CSV


3. Click on the circle to pick your CSV, once picked, click continue to proceed to the next step. 


4. Click on the first dropdown menu ("Please select...") and choose the option that corresponds to the column.

In the example below the first column is the class name. Please note this will not necessarily be the same for your data so take extra care to pick the option that applies to you.

5. Repeat step 5 for all the columns and click continue when you are finished.

If you get a column wrong, you can fix mistake by clicking the 'Unlock' button and then selecting the appropriate option in the dropdown.

6. On the next screen, you should select any classes where every student is new to HegartyMaths, i.e. they do not have a HegartyMaths account already.

Since we are adding a class during the school year, it's likely that there is no need to tick any classes and can proceed to the next step with the continue button.


7. The next screen allows you to pick student's details that may have changed in this CSV upload vs the last upload, for instance, due to a legal name change or a fix to a data entry mistake.

As seen in the image below, sometimes the student is a different person entirely but the automatic system picked up on a similarity between the two. In this case, leave the selection blank and click the "New student" button highlighted. Click continue when you are done.


8. On this screen, you are able to archive any classes that are now redundant. For instance, if a new class supersedes an older one. In most cases, when adding a class during the year you should leave all classes unticked.


9. Finally, verify the data looks correct and enter your password. Click 'Complete setup' to finalise the changes.