If your school syncs with your MIS, the functionality described in this article applies to custom classes only. Classes that are linked to your MIS can only be changed by syncing with your MIS. If your school uses the "Sync with MIS" facility, new student accounts are created by syncing, you can't create new student accounts via HegartyMaths.


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Students sometimes move classes in the middle of the year, or get left off a list by accident, so here is how you can add them. Please note, the student will not receive any tasks set for the class before the point at which they joined.

1. Go to Manage => Manage students / classes

2. Click on "Add student" beside the class you want to add them to


3. Search for the student in the "Add an existing student" box

4. DON'T use the "Create a new student" feature unless you are absolutely sure the student does not have a HegartyMaths account already.

Poor Mary Smith in the example picture below was added twice because her teacher made a mistake with her details the first time around. Now Mary has a user conflict issue and can't log in. See the related articles to see how to resolve this.