When marking a student's work, you may come across a question marked incorrectly. There are many reasons you might want to do this, including:

- You think their answer is correct or should be accepted as correct

- Their answer is correct but typed incorrectly and you want to accept it

- You want to accept their explanation as correct

- They have explained in the comments the correct answer and you are happy with it


We currently only support overriding the marking for two types of question: 

Single input questions

Multiple-input question


You can read more on these styles of questions at the following links:

Reviewing a single input question

Reviewing a multiple-input question


Although other styles of question do not allow an override, if you notice an issue, please use the problem report button, and we will fix the error swiftly.

For single and multiple input questions, you will need to look for the button called “Accept answer”.


Once you press the button, you will get a popup asking if you would like to go ahead. You will need to choose the answer you want to accept and click 'accept' when it goes green.




The answer should now be accepted.

Please note: You can only accept the answer for questions on quizzes which are complete. This will not work for quizzes that are still in progress.