In order to get the greatest benefit out of using HegartyMaths, students should ideally make notes from watching the videos first, write down all examples on paper and show their working out. Many students, however, struggle with how to set out their notes and workings, and this can be a barrier for them when completing their homework. In order to help these students, we have developed a number of writing frames, available in the "Transition courses" section on the useful resources page.

This contains a detailed guide on how to use this new resource, however, you can read on here to find out more.


Previous Writing Frames

You may be familiar with our older writing frames: printable resources to help students make notes where there are lots of diagrams that they would otherwise need to draw from scratch:

These resources are available for topics such as transformations, constructions, loci, plans and elevations, and many more.


**New** Writing Frames for LA students

What is it?

This resource pack contains a set of writing frames designed to assist students with note-taking for lessons in the KS3 transition course.

There are 223 lessons in the KS3 transition course.

- Of these, 156 have specialised writing frames, which are catered to the lesson.

- The remaining lessons are suitable for use with the general writing frame.


How will this benefit my students?

Note-taking in particular is important as this helps students to be able to model an ideal solution to a problem and process the information they are given in the video. These new writing frames provide a structure for students when taking notes and writing workings. They also provide extra support with extra diagrams that may not be included in the video.


General writing frame


•There are 3 styles that can be used for the first page of the lesson. These pages contain space for keywords.

•There are 2 styles that can be used for further pages in the main document.


Specialised writing frames

Specialist writing frames are designed to match a specific lesson and are named by video.


The support each writing frame provides will vary by lesson. Generally speaking, students will be given a blank structure (including diagrams, tables, etc.). They will have to fill in any missing information in the question or solution.

For questions this may include but is not limited to:

•Filling in numbers, letters, titles or notation

•Shading in diagrams

•Adding lines or points to a diagram


For more examples, and detailed instructions on how to use writing frames, go to "Useful Resources". This can be found by logging in and clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner.