Watch the video to see how to view a student's "to do" list, or read on below.

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1) Click on their name either from the Progress->Linked classes page or from a task in the mark work page:


Progress->Linked Classes->[chosen class]


Mark work->[chosen task]


2) On the pupil page, you will see their list of completed work. Click on the "View Tasks" button to see their to-do list (aka task list)


3) You will see the tasks this student still needs to do. If they are late, they will be marked with a red "L" symbol. Tasks will be listed in "first due" order.

If you find a student has many incomplete tasks, you may consider signing a few off so as not to overwhelm the student. A single HegartyMaths task, done well, should take a student about 30-45 minutes: 10 minutes for the video, 10-15 mins for the assessment, and 10-20 mins to make good, quality notes.







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