Please note, if your school uses MIS integration, you will only be able to archive "custom classes". Classes linked with your MIS must be managed via the MIS. Linked classes have an "X" in the Add students column.

If a class view is no longer useful to you, or has disbanded for the year (e.g. a single-term intervention class, or the year 11s after the exams), you can archive the class to remove it from the Manage->Manages students/classes page. 

Archiving a class will also remove it from reports and remove of all the tasks set to that class from the mark work page.

To archive a class, just click on the "Archive class" link on the class row on the Manage->Manage students/classes page.

You can see all your archived classes by clicking on the Archived classes button on the same page.

Archiving can be undone too. This will also restore the tasks set to that class.

Simply click on the restore link on the class row on the Archived classes page.




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