8 things parents can do to ensure HegartyMaths to transform your child’s maths home learning:


1.  Each week ask about your child’s homework. Ask them what day the homework was set, when it must be handed in, what clip number and topic it is, and when they plan to complete the homework. Try to encourage your child to complete the homework well before the due date.


2.  Provide your child with a good, quiet but supervised place to work. As the homework is online, it’s good to be in the room to ensure they are not getting distracted by other online activities. Furthermore, as it’s a written homework, your child will need space to make notes. If you don’t have a suitable place at home to work or weak wifi, please encourage your child to attend their school’s homework club.


3.  Get your child the correct equipment. They will need a pen for all working, note-taking and marking, a pencil and ruler for drawing all diagrams. Many lessons also require a scientific calculator and geometry set; schools can usually provide access to these in after school homework clubs.

4.  Encourage your child to work in the right way. Please always check your child has carried out their homework following the three requirements below which will have been modelled and encouraged by their teacher:

  • Always watch the video and take notes of all examples provided
  • Always write each question down and show all their workings
  • Always mark each question, make corrections, and write their score at the end.


5. Each week ensure you sign-off your child’s maths homework to say you have viewed it, believe they spent 30 mins to 1 hour on it, and they have completed the 3 key expectations above.


6. Encourage your child not to give up. If they are making mistakes tell them that it is ok and normal. As long as your child is working in the correct way (watching the video, taking notes, writing their workings and self-correcting) then praise them for their hard work and application. Try not to focus on their score as this can demotivate them. If you praise their effort and tell them they will eventually improve if they keep working in this way they will be happy and want to do their weekly homework.


7. Reassure your child if they are not understanding the work. If they are getting frustrated watching the video, watch it with them and try to help them understand. Also, look below the video to their building blocks. Redoing these lessons will help your child plug any gaps in their prior learning needed for the current homework. Encourage them to click the 'Get Help' button when they get stuck as well.

8. Help them do extra work or get ahead. Before learning new topics, encourage your child to do three things:

  • Fix lessons marked in their donut as red (under 70%) or amber (between 70 and 100%) and try to make them green (100%) by redoing them.
  • Complete a Fix-Up-5. HegartyMaths will remember every mistake your child has ever made and gives them 5 practice questions on their weaknesses with the help video. This will allow your child to improve quickly.
  • Complete a MemRi quiz. This will give students up to ten questions that they have previously gotten correct elsewhere on the site, giving them an opportunity to try to remember previous topics.

Once the three above are done, then you can consider completing extra skills lessons. Ask your child’s teacher for the best extra clips to do. Find out more about FixUp 5 and MemRi in the articles below.