Log in with your child to see how they are doing! Watch this video or read on below to find out more:


For YouTube, click here


Here are the things to look out for...

1) Student DashBoard:

When your child first logs in, they will be greeted with their Dash Board which shows their effort so far this year.

The times given are: assessment activity time, video watch time, FixUp 5 time, Memri time and total time on HegartyMaths.

In addition, the bottom two circles indicate how many questions were answered, and how many they got right.

The donut shows how many of the skills they have done and their score (Red, amber, green). The donut is interactive - click on the colours to see past scores


2) Homework 

When students have tasks, there will be a red number beside "My tasks" in the navigation bar. On the My tasks page, homework is listed in first-due order. If it is late, it will have a red "L" beside it. 

Homework will remain in student's tasks lists until the due date so they can choose to improve on it up till the due date. On the due date, their most recent attempt is accepted. Teachers will be able to see all attempts made at this skill since the student started HegartyMaths.


3) Past scores

From the "My scores" page, students can see their history of work, ordered by most recent first. They can filter this view by colour to see the skills they have done well in, and the skills that could do with improvement. The colours work as follows: 100% scores are green; anything from 70% to 99% is amber, and scores of 69% or less are red.


4) Independent work

Encourage your child to try independent work. From "Choose lesson", you can see how "filled up" the various strands of maths are. 


As students drill down to particular topic areas, they will see which skills they have done well before. 

And when a student starts a skill, they are also shown the "building blocks" or underlying skills they should master first before attempting a new skill

5) Revision

Check out our amazing revision features, MemRi and FixUp 5. See the articles below for more information on these!