When we built HegartyMaths, our goal was to lighten teachers' workloads, so we made the decision not to use traditional logins. Instead, students log in using their name, date of birth, and a password they choose themselves.

This puts the onus onto the students to be in charge of their own login details, instead of on the teacher to tell their students their details or print them all out and send them home in a letter!

Watch the video or read the article below to see how to find the exact details that are recorded on the system. 

For YouTube Click Here

From the Manage->Manage students/classes page, click on the "Search students button". 


Then search for a particular student or else click on a class to give a class list.


We'll never show passwords, but you will be able to reset passwords from here. Some teachers get their students to write their passwords on the inside of their HegartyMaths homework books - whilst this isn't recommended practice for e-security, it can help with a particularly forgetful class!




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