Enquiring about HegartyMaths

Before your school joins HegartyMaths you may send us personal information such as your name or email address when you use our website or contact us for a trial. HegartyMaths is part of the Sparx family and as such any personal information you send us via the HegartyMaths website is covered by the Sparx Terms and Conditions and the Sparx Privacy Policy. When your school starts a trial or subscribes to HegartyMaths, the information below applies.

Trial or subscribing schools

In data protection terms, your school is the Data Controller and HegartyMaths acts as the Data Processor. Essentially the school decides ‘why’ and ‘how’ personal information should be processed and HegartyMaths processes personal information on this instruction.

More detail can be found in the relevant documents listed below: 

  • Our HegartyMaths Privacy Notice is designed for the end user ( teachers and students) and explains how we use their personal information.
  • Our HegartyMaths Subscription Terms outline the terms for using HegartyMaths and also contains our Data Handling Agreement (DHA) in section C. The DHA describes the processing of personal information undertaken by HegartyMaths on behalf of the school. The DHA is likely to be of interest to staff who are responsible for data protection for your school (like the Data Protection Officer). There is overlap in the information between the Terms and the Privacy Notice to accommodate different audiences.
  • We have a list of HegartyMaths Support Companies who we share personal information with to help us provide a service to you.
  • Information on data security, how it is physically stored and the measures we have to make sure it is safe can be found in our Security Information for Schools document

HegartyMaths Privacy Notice

Is designed for people who are using HegartyMaths and explains how we process their personal information. It includes a simple explanation of what data fields we collect and a summary of how we use and look after it in our Student Privacy Promise. This is easy to understand so that students and parents can quickly grasp what’s happening with their personal information. To aid transparency, the HegartyMaths Privacy Notice can be linked on your school website.

In addition to the Student Privacy Promise, the Privacy Notice covers:

  • Why does HegartyMaths use personal information?
  • How does HegartyMaths get personal information?
  • What personal information does HegartyMaths collect (Students / Teachers)?
  • What personal information does HegartyMaths collect for its research projects?
  • Where personal information is stored?
  • How does Hegarty Maths share personal information?
  • How long is personal information stored for and what happens to it?
  • How non-personal information is used.
  • Security of personal information at HegartyMaths.


HegartyMaths Subscription Terms 

This covers both trialing and subscribed schools. The Terms are automatically agreed to by using the product. The Data Handling Agreement, (Section C) is the main section for those carrying out data protection due diligence. It provides detailed information on the nature of the processing, security and retention timeframes. You can find more detail about:

  • GDPR
  • Schools data being processed
  • Usage data being created
  • What data processes will be undertaken
  • Sub-processors (see a list of our Support Companies below)
  • Sharing data outside our company
  • Dealing with data subject requests
  • Data security
  • What would happen if there were to be a data breach
  • Back-up and record keeping

HegartyMaths Support Companies

This lists any companies that we share personal information with, the reason we share the information (the service they provide us with), and where they are located. Under the principles of data minimisation, we only ever share the minimal amount necessary for the purpose for which the company has been engaged, 

HegartyMaths Security Information for Schools

This provides information on the measures in place to protect the personal information we are entrusted with. It has more detailed information about:

  • How the HegartyMaths platform works
  • Technical security measures at HegartyMaths
  • Organisational security measures at HegartyMaths

Questions or further help

If you have any further questions about how HegartyMaths processes personal information, please contact privacy@hegartymaths.com.