We have a search facility that allows you to find a student by first or last name to find their log in details. Watch this video or read on below to find out more:


For YouTube, click here

From the Manage->Manage students/classes page, click on the "Search students" button. This will bring up the search facility. 

From here, you can search for students, see the exact details they need to login, and reset passwords. You also get an indicator (in the Data column) whether or not they have data from this academic year and when their last login was.

If HegartyMaths is linked to your MIS, student account information will be updated via the Sync process. This means that you won't see the Delete and Edit buttons on your view.


If a student complains that they have not been able to see new tasks in their task lists, ask them for the exact name they are using to log in with. It may be that there is a duplicate account for this student. In this case, let us know via contact@hegartymaths.com and we will happily merge them for you.