HegartyMaths allows you to view any work a student has completed over the course of their academic career. We have built this site to keep student data until they leave school. You can't delete their old data.


However, you can archive a class once it is no longer running. This signs off any tasks for that class and puts the class into archived classes.


The markbook for linked classes shows student results for tasks they have completed on HegartyMaths.


Go to Progress => Linked classes and click on the class you want to look at.


The first few columns show the student's metrics for the current school year.

You can view your students' metrics for previous years by clicking on the relevant year's button at the top left of the markbook         


You can reset work even if students have already done it. Resetting a task makes it a new job of work for the student to do by the due date. This allows for revision, even years after the task was originally completed.