Visual Impairment

We are often asked whether the site has a way to just show the site in black-and-white. We don't have a built-in way to do this on the site, however, there are lots of great extensions out there that will modify the way the content looks. For example, High Contrast from Google Accessibility will change the text to black and white or invert the colour scheme. This particular extension is for Chrome and there are many extensions and tools (almost all completely free) that you can download and have installed in the browser when on the internet. Here are some more examples and a government website link with lots of advice.


Hearing Impairment

We have used an auto-subtitling service to add subtitles to our videos. Subtitles are available within a video via the settings. In the event that you discover an error in the subtitles, please click on "Spotted a mistake in this video?" to report it.


Click on the "CC" button in the video bar and choose English


Click on the settings "cog" icon, then select a language from "Subtitles/CC"